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Everybody that plays a sport – especially a combat sport – should wear a gumshield whatever their age. This concerns combat sports, but also contact sports and even those with no contact.


Agreat number of sports can put your teeth and your smile at risk: boxing, rugby, hockey, football, basketball, handball :

  • broken teeth
  • lost teeth
  • damaged gums

A gumshield is intended to greatly reduce any such risks by spreading shocks over a larger surface so as to reduce the pressure per square centimetre.


Why use a gumshield? Types of gumshield How to choose?

Different types


There are four different types of gumshield: those that are meant for no-contact sports (cycling, squash etc.), those meant for contact sports (rugby, football, basketball, handball), those meant for combat sports and finally orthodontic gumshields. Gumshields are also classed by three families: ready-to-wear, customizable heat-moulding and those offered by dental surgeries.

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How to choose


A large number of gumshields exist on the market. They are all different and vary in terms of material, price, use, preparation and of course the level of protection.

To choose the gumshield that best suits you we offer a list of criteria that differentiates a good gumshield from a bad one and gives you all the information necessary to make a choice.

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 SOLUGuard solutions


A customizable gumshield – an innovation which results from collaborative research by dentists and universities.


SOLUGuard allows for:
  • maximum protection
  • maximum comfort
  • easy breathing
  • no need for a dental appointment
  • a gumshield adapted to your teeth able to absorb and dissipate the energy from shocks
  • a good hold in the mouth, even when openease of speech whilst wearing the gumshield
  • security of an anti-allergenic and non-toxic material without bisphenol A

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